And since “to do” and “to occupy oneself,” “to have concerns” is expressed in Greek by “practice,” praxis—things are radically pragmata and my relation to them is pragmatic.
— José Ortega y Gasset

We make
ideas and visions as a
dream comes true

Pragmatica was founded in 2015 on the basis of a sustainable partnership of science and software development. For five years, the company has been a contractor for a number of third-party projects, but all this time our team has been actively developing its own product - CRM Pragmatica - a universal automated control system for auto services in the small business segment. In 2019, we made a large-scale implementation of a mobile application that transforms an ordinary service station into a true customer service.

At the end of 2019, the scientific division won the competition "Digital Technologies / Artificial Intelligence" of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere". In 2020, Pragmatika LLC received the status of a partner and distributor of MobilEye, the world leader in the production of ADAS systems and the development of autonomous motion technologies.


Security of the transport complex

implementation of MobilEye ADAS systems using proprietary software, which allows assessing the competence of the driver and gives the possibility of preventive influence on the process of transport management and transportation. Presentation (in Russian).

Development and implementation

implementation of research and development work in the following areas: digital technologies, artificial intelligence, process automation, intelligent transport systems ("Avtonet" roadmap).

CRM Pragmatica

perhaps the perfect CRM system for car services in the small business segment (demo). The software is distributed as a web-service, no installation required. Our mobile app (iOS, Android) transforms the service station into a full customer service. CRM Pragmatica is free for install with subsequent payment $15/year for each active user of the mobile application.


creation, implementation and development of algorithms and data structures for websites, web applications, mobile applications with an emphasis on optimization, minimalism, completeness and, as a result, reliability.

Intellectual property


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